About Emily

I fell in love with yoga myself about 10 years ago Having practiced Hatha, Bikram, pregnancy and even anti-gravity yoga, I was delighted to attend Mum and baby yoga with my little boy Séimí... Only to be really sad when he started to crawl and I couldn't bring him anymore!

I started to teach him yoga myself at home and he loved it so I looked into training up as a qualified children's yoga teacher.  I'm very proud to have trained in The Elbow Room, Dublin - a fantastic place to learn with an even more fantastic teacher Lydia Sasse.

Teaching yoga to kids is such a treat for me and so rewarding - how wonderful to be able to teach children to relax and calm themselves in the face of adversity and introduce them to the lifelong benefits of yoga.

I hope your little ones enjoy my classes and I look forward to teaching them.

If you have any questions about my classes please contact me.


Emily McElarney (Mum of 3!)


I also teach Hypnobirthing®

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