"Yoga is not about touching your toes...its about what you learn on the way down". Judith Lasater

​Yoga Classes for Kids aged 3 to 5

Stretch and Smile yoga classes for children aged 3 to 5 are full of fun and imagination!  One week we might be on a space rocket, the next on safari in Africa.  For this age group, yoga classes focus on keeping little imaginations in gear, in a world filled with tv, computer games, reality this and that; sometimes it nice to just....pretend!  Yoga classes for under 5s  involve silly songs, games and stories peppered with yoga poses and breathing exercises.


Classes last 40 minutes.


​Yoga Classes for Kids aged 6 to 10



Stretch and Smile yoga classes for children aged 6 to 10 begin to introduce the idea of yoga practice and its benefits for our body and minds.  We use games, stories and imagination to practice our yoga poses which improve kids strength, flexibility and balance.  Yoga classes for 6 to 10 year olds also include breathing exercises and relaxation methods and give children tools they can use to cope with stress, which can be particularly beneficial to children exposed to bullying.  Children are encouraged to use their imagination to create their own yoga poses. 

Class lasts 45 minutes.


Yoga Classes for Children with Additional Needs

Yoga has been proven to be hugely beneficial to children with autism, dyspraxia, sensory processing difficulties and other additional needs. Having trained in The Elbowroom Dublin, a centre for holistic therapy for children with additional needs, Emily is well placed to ensure all children get the most fun and benefits out of all her yoga classes as is possible. Please call Emily on 0863856225 or email for more details.

​Yoga Classes for Kids aged 10 to 13



Stretch and Smile yoga classes for the 'tween' age group between 10 and 13 year olds focus more on alignment and yoga practice. We explore how yoga can be beneficial to us in our every day lives.  Special emphasis is put on confidence building, self-esteem, using relaxation and breathing to cope with worry, anger and stress.  We also explore other cultures and traditions and learn specific yoga postures to benefit specific parts of the body to assist those into sports/dance and strength building with improving their flexibility.

Class lasts 45 minutes.


​Family Yoga



​Parents are often interested in praciticing yoga at home with their children but are unsure where to start.  Stretch and Smile family yoga classes bring parents and children together for a fun hour on the mat.  This class is suitable for anyone with an interest in practicing yoga with children, its suitable for any level from those who have never done yoga before to seasoned yogis!  Children from age 2 up are welcome.

Class lasts 60 minutes.


The elbowroom, Smithfield, Dublin 7.


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