Back to school + homework = a return to long periods of sitting!

31 Aug 2013

As our children go back to school its good to be mindful of the effects of sitting still has on our bodies.  We ourselves know that after a day in an office chair staring at a computer screen we feel sluggish, stiff and less then energetic - well for our kids its just the same!


Have a look at this pretty startling info gram on how too much sitting affects us adults.


So think about it... is your child is coming out of school where they’ve been sitting for hours, sitting in a car, then sitting down to do their homework or watch tv?


Studies have shown that sitting too much leaves children at higher risk of obesity, heart problems in later life, diabetes and it has also been shown that children who sit for too long have poorer coordination and motor skills then those with a more active life.


But wait - my child hates sport and doesn’t like to be involved in anything competitive.

Yoga is a fantastic way to get your kids active, using their bodies, developing their coordination and motor skills, and invigorating the circulation system; getting fresh oxygenated blood to their all important rapidly developing brains!  


When children learn yoga poses in a fun way, but also the benefits each pose can bring, its a gift which stays with them for life!  They learn a few breaths in ‘downward dog’ is not only fun, but it energizes us and wakes up our head before homework time!!


They learn that some cat and cow stretches make us giggle and also release any tension we’re holding in our backs after long periods of sitting.


Yoga can be practiced at home with Mum and Dad in a fun way too - a great alternative to watching TV or playing the DS.

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