None of the bad stuff - all of the treat! Sugar-free spelt crumpets

Sugar really goes to my kids head - one sugary treat and they're bananas for an hour! So I try to curb their sugar intake as much as possible, restricting treats to 'treat day' which is Friday in our house. I went to a great talk by Naturopath Kavin Callan recently who explained the pretty unpleasant effects of sugar and sugar addiction on our kids - like a roller coaster; one minute they're high, the next they plummet which sends them in search of more sugar stimulant.

So all that aside, here's a great recipe for healthy, sugar free, wheat free (and gluten free if you want) tasty crumpets! They're sweet and delicious but also healthy. I use spelt flour, as I have an intolerance to wheat but you can use ordinary self-raising or gluten free self-raising flour either.

The recipe also uses Xylitol instead of sugar. Xylitol is a little miracle ingredient for me - it behaves like sugar, tastes like sugar but actually its made from the bark of a tree and has none of the 'bad' elements of sugar. Its suitable for diabetics (but always check with your GP), its tooth-kind and it doesn't make them hyper! Sadly its a little more expensie but is available in any heath food shop.

You need:

6oz flour (whichever type you choose)

1 teaspoon of baking powder

1 egg

1.5 oz xylitol

About 7fl oz of milk

drop of vanilla extract

Blueberries are good in them too!


Make a pancake batter placing the flour, baking powder and xylitol in a mixing bowl and making a well in the middle in which you crack the egg and then beat it by hand or with an electric mixer. Add the milk until your batter is the consistency of thick cream (you may or may not use all the milk depending on which flour you use).

You can throw in some blueberries of banana into the batter at this stage if you wish.

Heat a non-stick pan until hot and brush with a little rapeseed or other oil (I pour a little in the pan and then wipe the pan with kitchen roll so you're really using very little fat!).

Use a large serving spoon to spoon little crumpet size pancakes onto the hot pan.

When holes appear in the 'uncooked' side if the pancake turn them and cook the other side for a minute or two until golden.

Serve up and watch them disappear!

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